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Why Social Media is Important to Your Business

Posted on: October 30th, 2013 by John

If you’re an online or offline business owner who isn’t convinced that social media can help you grow your business, unfortunately, you’re not alone. Although social businesses have increased across every industry in the past few years, the growth has slowly increased to 35%. In fact, a majority of employees consider their companies to be socially immature.

The days of being successful with just an optimized website and a blog are over. Customers are no longer interested in your products or service until they know you care about their needs. Newspaper ads, radio and TV commercials are a dying breed. They offer no way to answer questions without calling customer service and spending an hour on the phone waiting to get somebody breathing to help.

We will discuss several reasons why your business needs social media.

1. Your customers are using social media.

Doesn’t it make sense to go where your customers are? Facebook alone has more than 1 billion users. You need only a small percentage of these users to see your offer and then make a purchase.

2. If you’re not where the crowds are, your competitors are.

You can look at this fact two ways. Statistics reveal that 35% of businesses across the board are using social media to generate clients. That is a low figure overall, but it also means your competitors have the advantage. If you were to enter the social media arena, you would be a part of the advantaged businesses that beat out the competition.

3. Customers are looking for businesses willing to connect with them.

It’s all about relationships these days even in business. Customers have always been comfortable buying goods and services from people they like and trust. Social media reveals the person or people behind the business. Consumers can read your profile and know you have a pulse. They can read your history and know that you had them in mind when you started your business. Customers can ask a question and receive an answer in just a short amount of time rather than waiting a few days.

4. Social media keeps you abreast of customer problems.

How many times have you been confronted by a customer who had a problem that was never solved? You were appalled that one of your employees didn’t do all she could to resolve such a simple problem. You didn’t hear about the problem because you weren’t available. Social media keeps you in the loop when problems occur.

5. Your customers can make suggestions for improvements or new products.
Believe it or not, customers want to help your business be successful if they know you are listening to their suggestions. They’re telling their friends and family how much better your product would be if you would make just one simple change and the friends and family are agreeing. Imagine how many suggestions customers would offer if they could make them through Facebook.

6. You can ask questions and get immediate feedback.

You don’t need to wait for your customers to ask questions. You ask the questions and get great feedback before you launch a new product. Just be ready for thousands of opinions.

You’ve been given 6 reasons to use social media as a part of your marketing efforts. There’s no guarantee of thousands of new customers within a month, but over time you’ll begin to wonder why you waited so long to take advantage of social media marketing.


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