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Terms & Conditions


SEO: Search Engine Optimization
SERP: Search Engine Result Page
URL: Uniform Resource Locator, or the web address
CMS: Content Management System
FTP: File Transfer Protocol


1.1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is directed by several factors that are outside of the control of Best SEO Firm. Each search engine is a third party system that has variables that are not known. The indexing decisions and the algorithms can change at any moment and our company does not have control over this. For this reason, a 100% guarantee cannot be made for getting your website to rank as number one for any of the major search engines for the keywords that you desire.

 1.2 Best SEO Firm will only use legitimate, ethical, and honest standards and techniques in order to improve your search engine rankings. There are no tricks or invisible text or other unacceptable methods that will be used. There are some companies that will use illegal software in order to spam the search engines to improve rankings at a faster pace. However, this typically will result in the website being permanently banned. We work with the search engines and not against them to ensure that our clients will have the best chances of receiving a high organic SERP ranking.

1.3 Best SEO Firm provides services using a reasonable amount of skill and care. The client should note that we do not have any direct control over the search engines and for this reason cannot guarantee how fast the technologies that are provided by the search engines are in relation to service delivery.

1.4 The project brief will set out the description and the quantity of the services that will be provided.

1.5 Best SEO Firm operates within the major search engines throughout the world. The listings will appear on most .com engines depending on the status of the website and the search engine decisions.


2.1 Each website will need to be hosted on a server that is reliable and is constantly available in order to achieve the best results. It should also be based in the country that the company is interested in. Best SEO Service cannot be responsible for any issues or additional costs that may arise due to errors made by third parties or from the failure to maintain a current copy for your website. We can make backups upon request by the client.

2.2. SEO can be severely affected by website down time. Potentially, down time can cost a client their rankings for their desired search terms. Even a small amount of down time may affect our efforts. If the website has downtime because of server errors, maintenance or any other reasons that are not in our control and it lasts for more than 3 days then we are not going to be able to fulfill the service requirements that are listed in the Project Brief.
2.3 If a client website is not available for any reason, such as a server being unavailable or has errors of any kind, the client will not hold Best SEO Services responsible for any of these errors. Any and all traffic that is delivered to the client website during this time will not be refunded or credited. If any of the errors occur including any type that is not listed, but intended clearly, the client can submit a written request for the campaign to be placed on a hold with the campaign continuing when the issues are resolved.

2.4 The client acknowledges there may be certain times when the website or websites of a third party may not be available for certain time frames because of technical difficulties or maintenance from the 3rd party server and that Best SEO Services will not be held liable to the client for this downtime.


3.1 The client will agree to supply Best SEO Services with all of the required FTP and CMS backend access for their website in order to optimize the site unless it has otherwise been negotiated.


4.1 Methods and inclusion policy ranking algorithms are changed by search engines all the time. Unless a site is kept maintained using necessary analysis, alterations, and tuning, a high ranked site will not be able to hold their position for long.

4.2. Ongoing SEO is very important. Best SEO Services advises adding regular fresh content to the site in order to improve ranking stability within the search engines. The client understands that by accepting this agreement that unique, regular, content will play an important role in the success of their site and by failing to add new content the impact of SEO services offered by our company will be lessened.

Search Engine Submission

5.1 In order to fulfill the obligations of these terms the client agrees to give Best SEO Services permission to create and set up relevant accounts with the search engines on behalf of the client.

5.2 The client must understand that each search engine has different strategies, which makes it impossible technically to rank high on each of them at the same time.

5.3 There are some search engines that will use the services and algorithms that are offered by the bigger search engines. The client acknowledges that alterations or additions that are made to the listing of the website in any of the search engines can alter listings in other search engines that are not targeted.

5.4 Each search engine has a different scheduled time for crawling and indexing submitted sites for their database. This ranges from months to just hours. There is no SEO firm that has the ability to speed up this process in any way that is ethical.


6.1 If the client chooses to use a different 3rd party other than Best SEO Services for SEO or other types of associated work during the contract period with us, Best SEO Services cannot be held responsible for any listings that are lost or any other damages that could arise.
6.2 The client agrees to inform Best SEO Services of any changes that are made to the website either by the client or by a third party that could affect our services that are being provided. This includes, but is not limited to deletions, alterations, additions of URL redirects, URL addresses, any landing pages as well as their content, the content of confirmation pages, and removing, deleting, or overwriting any changes that we have made to optimize the site. If any type of alteration is made by a third party or by the client to the site the search engine placement can be affected and we cannot be held responsible. Best SEO Services reserves the right to issue charges in order to rectify any of the problems that arise in order to regain listings.

6.3 After signing the contract with Best SEO Services, if the client or a third party makes any type of change to the website that includes any type of unethical SEO techniques in an attempt to achieve higher rankings including but not limited to keyword stuffing, cloaking, or hidden text, or if any type of pornographic, gambling, or pharmaceutical links are added to the website without relevance, Best SEO Services may issue a seven day cancellation request. If within the 7 day time frame the questionable techniques or links are not removed, the existing contract will be cancelled immediately and all of the fees that have been paid to Best SEO Company will be retained. We will not be held liable for any of the effects that are caused by using unethical techniques.



7.1 - All backlink sales are final and will not be refunded under any circumstances. We guarantee to replace any link that is defective, has been deleted, or does not index within 30 days (see below). We reserve the right to pursue collection (including but not limited to the use of outside collection agencies) on any chargebacks or disputes initiated on backlink orders.

7.2 - Best SEO Firm is not under any obligation to accept service or order cancellations that have been placed incorrectly.

7.3 - All links have a 1-year guarantee (excluding indexation) and will be replaced with same or better placement if deleted, removed, or defective.

7.4 - We only guarantee indexation for the first 30 days. If you need advice on good indexation services, please contact us.

7.5 - We do not guarantee the websites your backlinks are placed on have traffic. While most of our websites have traffic, it is not guaranteed. Links are sorted by DR and RD only.


Best SEO Services reserves the right to refuse the following :


8.1 All clients must give a 30 day written or electronic notice of cancelation for all monthly services. The 30 days will not start until the day of the next billing date. If canceled without written notice, there will be a 10% added fee, plus the amount due.

Warranties and Liability

9.1 Best SEO Services guarantees that the services at the time they are delivered with correspond with the description that has been provided either through the project brief or verbally.

9.2. The client agrees that Best SEO Services will not be liable for failure to carry out any services for reasons that are beyond Best SEO Services control including, but not limited to telecommunication issues, acts of god, software failure, 3rd party interference, hardware failure, emergency, government, or any type of social disturbance of an extreme nature such as terrorism, war, riots, or industrial strikes or if there is any act of omission from a 3rd party service. The client also agrees that Best SEO Services is not liable for services that are absent as a result of sickness or holiday.

9.3 Best SEO Services will not be held liable for any type of financial losses or consequences including but not limited to loss of profit, business, contract, revenue, data, or potential savings that are related to the services being provided.
9.4 Best SEO Services will not be liable to the client or any 3rd party for any type of damage including claims, losses, lost savings, lost profits, or any other consequential, incidental, or special damages that may arise from the operation of the website or the inability to operate the site, even if Best SEO Services has been advised about the possibility of these damages.

9.5 There are some taxes and laws that affect ecommerce. The client agrees that they are responsible for complying with these laws and that they will protect and defend Best SEO Services from any suit, claim, tax, tariff, or penalty that comes from the clients ecommerce.

9.6 Best SEO Services may recommend that the client update their website in order to comply with new legislation, web standards, or software releases. Best SEO Services reserves the right to provide a quote for any updates such as these as separate work. Best SEO Services will not be liable for failing to inform or implement the updates to the client’s website. The client agrees to defend and indemnify Best SEO Services from all demands, costs, liabilities, claims, and losses that arise from omitting to implement or inform of these types of updates.

9.7 Best SEO Firms’s Wikipedia guarantee only covers Wikipedia pages, which have been deleted due to issues within our control. Best SEO Firm can not control outside influences, such as editors or admins who deem a page not worthy or have the credentials to be live within Wikipedia’s platform. Wikipedia is open to anyone who wants to edit, so Best SEO Firm can not control any pages. which have been deleted. Best SEO Firm also does not have control over edits, or other changes made by Wikipedia editors or administrators. Any page deletions, which fall under any of these conditions make our guarantee null and void.

Best SEO Services T&C

10.1 Best SEO Services does not make any promise, warranty in relation to the profitability, benefits, or other consequences that are to be obtained from the use or software. The consumer has relied on their own judgment and skill in the decision to acquire the software to use and the consumer agrees to indemnify Best SEO Services in any type of action, costs, expenses, claims, charges or demands that may arise from the customer using the software except in the rights agreed upon in the terms of this agreement.

10.2. Best SEO Services is not responsible for failing to supply or deliver the software and services in the event of any circumstance that is beyond our reasonable control and will be relieved of the obligation to the extent that we are unable to supply or perform the services or to deliver the software.

10.3 Best SEO Services will not be liable for any type of incidental damages, personal injury, loss of profit, consequential losses, or any other type of claim that comes from the use of the software.

10.4 Best SEO Services retains the right for all source code that is developed by our company. Customers will receive a single license to use the product as needed.

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