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Why Do Small Businesses Need SEO?

Rank #1 in GoogleSEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website's visibility to search engines like Well optimized websites rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPS), and get more visitors and sales as a result. A successful SEO campaign will pay for itself many times over, as a high ranking website continues to attract new visitors day in, and
day out. Simply put, there is no better way to reach potential customers than by being the #1 ranked website on Stacked up against the ongoing cost of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, radio, print, or television, SEO marketing provides the greatest dollar-for-dollar return on investment, and can be utilized as a standalone tactic for new customer acquisition or as a secondary approach to grow any business.

All SEO Companies Are NOT Created Equal

While a well-executed SEO campaign can do incredible things for your business, a second-rate job by a fly-by-night SEO company can actually hurt your business, by causing your website to be penalized or "pushed down" in the SERPS. Best SEO Firm only uses tried and true methods for obtaining high SEO rankings. We're committed to consistently producing long lasting results for our clients. Remember, we gauge our success on your success and the only reason we've stayed around in the ultra competitive SEO industry is because we get real results that keep our clients smiling.

Three Elements Of A Successful SEO Campaign:

1. Keyword Analysis - "Keywords" are the terms your prospective customers type into search engines like to find what they are looking for. Identifying the highest-volume and most profitable keywords for your business is the first step towards ranking for those search terms. Every quality SEO plan starts with a detailed analysis of the most relevant, popular, and profitable keywords for YOUR business.

2. Content Management - Ever since Google's "Caffeine" update in the summer of 2010, search engines have been giving priority ranking to "fresh" websites. This means that the more frequently you update your website by adding new, quality content, the better your rankings will be, and the more visitors and sales you'll see. At Best SEO Firm, we offer a content management program that fully takes advantage of this "freshness bonus", in order to keep your sites updated, relevant, and ranking at the top of the SERPS.

3. Link Building - When it comes to websites, links are life. Search engines look at your website, and analyze the number and quality of third-party websites that link to you in order to determine how "important" your site is, and what position it should appear in on the SERP. If your business isn't attracting and acquiring links from other websites, your ranking position won't improve. It's that simple. Best SEO Firm has the resources to provide your business with a steady stream of quality inbound links to improve and fortify your search engine ranking, so that you can get on top, and stay there.

Best SEO Firm Gets Results Or You Don't Pay

Every client has a unique set of goals and needs, and Best SEO Firm not only understands this, but we take pride in our ability to craft custom marketing solutions for any business, large or small. We're so confident that we'll be able to help you grow YOUR business, that we offer a results guarantee. That's right, our work is guranteed to increase your traffic, sales, and conversions, or you don't pay.

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